Viral marketing techniques you can use right now

Viral Marketing Techniques You will Use Right Now for More Exposure

The viral video is an active dream of lots of IMers and individuals all over the world. Your site views can increase by the millions when something like that gets popular. The biggest problem with viral marketing is that it is basically unpredictable. It is pretty much impossible to determine what will strike the fancy of viewers and make them want to share it with the people they know. Internet buzz is quite real and when it happens to you it can be an amazing thing. That does not mean, however, that there are not some elements that can increase the viral qualities of your videos. Some techniques have proven to work effectively and consistently, if all other things considered equal and executed properly.

Hire people for a small task

There are so many people online who are happy to do small tasks for a price. This is something you can get to work to your advantage. Seriously, you are only restricted by your imagination. Smart marketers will hire these people to help showcase the videos they create in the social media portals. It isn’t really all that hard to figure out what’s taking place here. Lots of IMers use this quite effectively to add a small push to their new efforts. Online marketing blogs on sites like can help give you new ideas too.

Sponsor an online contest

A lot of people enjoy joining contests since it is in their nature to like winning a prize or a gift, to see where their luck leads them. Even before the web operated, people loved this idea. This has something to do with the nature of human beings: they find contests and the possibility of winning them to be amazingly exciting. It’s easy to create competitions of your own and put them up on your sites, your Facebook fan pages and essentially everywhere else. This also offers you the possibility to be as creative as you wish to be.

Some entrepreneurs use Facebook in underhanded ways to get fans to their posts. Often they normally use a contest to get someone to like their pages or even the updates to their statuses. This is often effective but you’ll have to doubt the loyalty of the people who enter those prize draws. Somebody is fanning you simply because they actually like your material. But if it is to basically join a sweepstakes, we are not sure about the lifetime value of that person. So you may want to think about that one before you use this strategy.

Free materials to give away

Giving away a product or service for free has always been a great way for you. As an example, you could have written an ebook full of completely useful information or maybe an incredibly useful computer program. The viral technique is to offer to other individuals for free, and then you permit them to sell it or give it away. This has been extremely powerful for building lists and getting exposure. The book or program really should have some viral aspects since it is only as effective as it is able to provide value to the recipients of it.